The URW706 mini crane is the largest SPYDERCRANE mini crawler crane currently available in the US market. While it has the power of a beast, this SPYDERCRANE is still pretty compact at only 5.48′ wide. Able to lift over 6 ton, this SPYDERCRANE mini crane can do it all.

Complete with some of the same features on the smaller SPYDERCRANE brand models, such as an Electronic Display Load Moment Indicator, On-board Self Diagnostic Computer System, and a Full Function Wireless Remote, this mini-crawler is designed for ease of use. It’s mounted on dual tracks and like its smaller sister models, the URW706 has the ability to rotate 360 degrees in place, making it easy to maneuver into and out of tight spots. In addition to the URW706’s maneuvering capability, the URW706 comes standard with a Quick Disassemble System allowing for the outriggers, boom, and frame assembly to be removed from the carrier to reduce the weight for transport or hoisting.

Being the largest SPYDERCRANE mini crane on the market, you can find this crane on almost any jobsite for any industry.

Max Capacity 13,300 lbs @ 9′ 10″
Boom Length 63 ft
Approximate Tip Height 81 ft
Wire Rope on Drum ~350 ft
Travel Dimensions (W x H x L) 66″ x 86″ x 221″
Approximate Foot Print (Max) 21′ x 20′
Approximate Foot Print (Min) 17’6″ x 14’6″
Weight of Crane ~18,000 lbs
Diesel Standard
Electric with Diesel Optional
110 Battery Power / Diesel Optional
Single Part Line Standard
4-Part Line Standard
Jib with Searcher Hook Standard
Load Moment Indicator
with Electronic Display
Automatic Throttle Advancement Standard
On-board Self Diagnostic
Computer System
Full Function Wireless Remote Standard
Automatic Hook Store Standard
Attachable Work Platform Optional
Non-marking Tracks Optional
SPYDERWEB Glass Manipulator Optional
Woods Pwr Grip Hanging Cups Optional
Exhaust Scrubber / Catalytic Converter Optional
Arctic Kit / 12V & 110V Combo Optional
Crane Lube Kit (Lube-a-Boom) Optional
Fire Extinguisher Optional
Spare Parts Kit (2-Year Supply) Optional
Track Mats 3’ x 6’ (Set of 3) Optional
Outrigger Pads Optional
Trailer & Accessory Kit Optional
Rigging Optional
Spare Key (Pair) Optional
Steel Pallet w/Fork Pockets Optional
Strobe Light Optional
Weatherproof Cover Optional
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SPYDERCRANE Brand Features

On-Board Self Diagnostic Computer System
Power Options
Narrow Track Width and Low Center of Gravity
Automatic Hook Stow
Wireless Remote Control
Automatic Throttle Advancement
Superior Materials and Construction
Largest SPYDERCRANE mini crane

SPYDERCRANE Mini Crane Options and Accessories

SPYDERWEB Glass Manipulator
Auxiliary Winch
Smiley Lifting Work Platforms